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3D Chart of Software Development Roles: Visualising Skill Attributes

This 3D scatter plot visualises various software development roles based on three key skill attributes:

  • Project Timeline (x-axis): Representing the spectrum from project start to project end.
  • Focus Orientation (y-axis): Spanning from people focused to technology focused roles.
  • Thinking Style (z-axis): Differentiating between operational thinking and strategic thinking.

Each marker represents a distinct role, with its position indicating the relative emphasis on each of these attributes. Use the chart to explore how different roles balance these skills. How one person in a 3D space could assume another role nearby in the space.

Click the "Reset Chart View" button to reset the chart to its default view.

Click the "Set Y and X Front View" button to set the chart to see Y on the left and X on the bottom.

Interacting with the 3D Scatter Plot:


  • Mouse Scroll: Scroll the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in and out.


  • Click and Drag: Click and drag on the plot to rotate it in any direction.
  • Right Click and Drag: Right-click and drag on the plot to pan it left, right, up, or down.

Reset Chart View:

  • Reset Button: Click the "Reset Chart View" button below the plot to reset the view to its default position (Y axis left, X axis bottom and Z axis depth).


  • Hover: Hover over a data point to see additional information about the role it represents.

"L" for Lead Developer. Software Development Roles: A to Z

 A Lead Developer manages and mentors a team of developers, ensuring the successful completion of software development projects within timelines and budget constraints. Their responsibilities include setting clear development goals, providing strategic guidance, and fostering a collaborative and high-performing team.

Personal Story: While I've never been a Lead Developer, my experience as a Test Manager, managing testers and mentoring individuals in various areas, has given me valuable insights. Over the years, I've observed many Lead Developers in action. A common trait among them is their extensive development experience and the knowledge they share with their team members. Did you know? The role of the Lead Developer has evolved from traditional project management roles to address the complexities of modern software development projects and team dynamics.

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