Thursday, February 17, 2022



The Singing Barber was my second Project Idea Day project. It was based on a unique concept - offering live singing performances while providing haircuts!

The idea was simple: as a barber, I would serenade my clients with my singing while giving them a haircut.

However, after receiving feedback, it became clear that people were primarily interested in getting a haircut and were not as enthusiastic about the singing aspect. Additionally, I recognised that my singing skills needed improvement.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Project Idea Day - TOUR WITH US


Tour With Us was my first Project Idea Day project, which involved organising bike tours from St Albans to Kaiapoi along the newly built cycle path. We considered what customers would be willing to pay for a 4-hour return trip that included lunch and a guided tour. 

However, after completing the One Page Lean Canvas, we realised that existing bike hire groups in Christchurch could easily add this tour as part of their offering, and we did not have an unfair advantage in the market. This realisation prompted us to reevaluate the business idea and explore other unique opportunities where we could create a competitive advantage to better serve potential customers.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Project Idea Day - Introduction

Project Idea Day was born out of a desire to document the 5th day of the 4-day working week. This innovative concept stemmed from the idea of utilising the extra day off in a productive and creative manner, by dedicating it to brainstorming and exploring new business ideas. 
It provided an opportunity to step back, reflect, and generate fresh ideas that could potentially lead to new ventures or initiatives. Project Idea Day aimed to foster creativity, collaboration, and entrepreneurship, making the most out of the additional day off and harnessing it for innovative purposes.

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